Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Last artworks 2010

Welcome to my new Blog...
Here is some flicks of my graff in 2010 please enjoy...

Merry Christmas everybody !!! .Yogyakarta

at Perwakilan. Yogyakarta

at Progo .Yogyakarta

more BIG!!!
V for Vendetta theme @ Graffishop .Yogyakarta

for OUTLOUD graffiti movement at Pingit.Yogyakarta

at [k]URBAN GAUL Manahan, Solo .Central Java

at Far Away Team last production in 2010 .Yk

Cilacap Attack Colour .Cilacap,Central Java

at WASK anniversary .Yk

at CROWTER anniversary .Yk

Somewhere in Solo .Central Java

Another wall in Cilacap, Central Java

fullwall Exchange Style with Hard13.FTB .Yk

Allkid with HERE - NICK23 - OYS - NSIDE193 .Yk

SUMMER ATTACK #3 .Semarang, Central Java

at TAC anniversary Cilacap .Central Java

Fireworks production with Far Away Team .Yogyakarta

early production in 2010 with BAKERO (jember) x BIGSHOW x NICK23 x OYS .Yogyakarta

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